If you are responsible for looking after an AED, you’ll want to know whether it is currently fully operational and when any maintenance is required so that you can be assured that it is always rescue ready. This is where we can help!
Our AED Defibrillator test and inspection provides you with:

  • A full inspection and fault diagnosis
  • A dynamic test using simulated arrhythmia waveforms (where applicable)
  • Shock test and measurement of actual discharged energy
  • An inspection certificate
  • Due date for the next inspection
  • Advice on how to do your own daily checks
  • Product familiarisation so that you are confident in handling it and using it!

    AEDs and Defibrillators require regular inspection to avoid problems that can inhibit operation at a critical moment. Status indicators must be checked and batteries and electrode pads must be changed periodically. Whilst many devices will “self-check”, there is no way to independently verify that your device is being properly looked after and that it is fully functioning and is capable of recognising and delivering a shock with sufficient energy unless you have it professionally tested.

Inspection Visits

IEC 62353 Onsite engineer test and inspection includes:

  • Pre-arranged visit
  • Decontamination of device, accessories and enclosure
  • AED Tracking correct and attached
  • Auto Test check, Start-up test and Self Test
  • Cabinet, locks & latches, LED/LCD display test
  • Charge indicator and readiness status test
  • Instructions & labels present and correct to specification
  • Speaker and volume test
  • Shock advisory waveform simulation
  • Auto-assistant sequence and logic test
  • Shock discharge energy measurement (where appropriate)
  • Rescue pack decontamination and check
  • CE compliance and validity of manufacturer’s ID
  • Integrity test of electrode pad(s)
  • Suitability of the electrodes/pads
  • Expiry date of pad(s) and battery
  • Charging Battery Voltage test (where possible)
  • Record test results and log date for next inspection